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Dr. Steven Richfield provides articles on many different aspects of raising a child with ADHD.                                   

Each month we our advocate will be answering questions from our visitors about yours and your children's rights in the educational system.    

A mother is trying to help her teenage son learn anger management.   

Five great ideas for motivation, including The Shoe Race, Trading Places and more.  

Organize your child at home, and maybe find some tips that will help you as well.  

Headlines about ADHD, Learning Disability and Mental Disorders

Study on ADD and TV
The recent study published on watching television between the ages of one and three and the possible link to ADD/ADHD did not take many considerations into account. The author of the study even admits that he cannot conclude that television watching and ADD/ADHD are linked.

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Internet Advertising

The internet has become an integral part of everyday life.  Many use it for shopping, to communicate with friends and relatives, to find new friends and to search out information.  Advertising on the internet, in combination with other medias, can optimize your business recognition and sales.  

The Internet Advertising Bureau, had the following to say about Banner Advertising:

Online advertising, using banners, has tremendous communications power. In fact, banners can impact the traditional marketing measures of...

bulletAdvertisement awareness
bulletBrand awareness
bulletBrand perceptions
bulletPotential for sales

...all from one exposure

Given that the Web's advertising power is just beginning to be understood, any advertiser looking to build their brand and increase their sales should utilize online advertising alongside traditional media to ensure their future success.


Additional studies showed that banner impressions worked, even without the high click thru ratios:

Banner ads on the HotWired Network make a significant impact on their viewers. An impact that demonstrably builds the advertised brand, even upon first impression. To this extent, every ad impression is important.

When we add the ability to build brands in a classical sense to the Web's established advantages in selective targeting and direct marketing, we arrive at the first complete picture of the World Wide Web (or at least of the HotWired Network) as a medium with truly superior potential for conducting marketing.

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According to several sources, currently, Banners are receiving a .3% - .5% click thru ratio overall on the internet.  The banner in our banner rotation on our site (ADDHelpline) are averaging around 1.5%, over 3 times the internet average.(see Banner Rotation)

For banners which are the exclusive top banner for one page, (see Page Sponsorship) our banners are averaging almost 4% click thru ratio, and sometimes are running as high as 6.5%!!!


Ezine Advertising:

"Ezines are rapidly becoming one of the most popular marketing tools on the internet! An ezine is an electronic magazine or newsletter ...ezine advertising works! Not only do you reach your target audience, you reach them by the thousands. (An excellent direct email alternative!) Of all the online marketing methods available, ezine advertising could be the most effective. Many larger companies are just starting to realize this and are starting to explore this exciting new internet marketing medium. Compared with the high costs of web site banner advertising, ezine advertising is a bargain!" 

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