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Situation of the Month

Sibling Rivalry

I have one child with ADHD and one without. They are always fighting with each other (verbally) but it creates much stress in the house. The child with ADHD tends to be impulsive, grab toys and be very loud. The other child seems to feel that her brother gets away with everything, even though he also has consequences for his actions. I think she just might feel left out because he requires so much time.  How can I help them to get along? The constant fighting is keeping the house in an uproar.


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 Addhelpline thanks all the businesses and people who will make this auction a successful endeavor. Please remember that all money and donations are going to help thousands of children as well as their parents and teachers around the world. 

ADD/ADHD is a disorder that does not  discriminate, through racial lines or sex or countries it has affected our children. By providing a setting for parents and teachers, we can learn how to more effectively deal with children in the classroom and at home. 

For businesses and individuals donating merchandise or a service

Merchandise should be sent to 


26 W. 2nd Street

Pottstown, Pa 19464


Deadline for sending any merchandise is 9/1/01

Please include the following with merchandise:

Description of item

Retail price of item

Picture of item or URL of .gif or .jpg file (if available) 

If donating a service, please email a complete description to



All businesses will be put on a special page with a link to their site. This can include a short (no more than 100 word) description of your business.

 If you are interested in promoting our auction on your site, please let us know, a banner can be provided.

The amount of items or services that you would like to donate is up to the individual and or business owner.

Thank you for your support.


If you should have any additional questions, please email George Bailey at 






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