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The Parent Couch
Dr. Steven Richfield provides articles on many different aspects of raising a child with ADHD.                                   

Ask The Advocate
Each month we our advocate will be answering questions from our visitors about yours and your children's rights in the educational system.    

Parents Talk
A mother is trying to help her teenage son learn anger management.   

Motivation Tips
Five great ideas for motivation, including The Shoe Race, Trading Places and more.  

Organization Tips
Organize your child at home, and maybe find some tips that will help you as well.  

ADHD in the News
Headlines about ADHD, Learning Disability and Mental Disorders

Motivational Games and Ideas

These are motivational games and ideas that were developed to help children develop good behavioral patterns and habits on an everyday basis.

If you make being "good" fun and interesting, children will try harder, and life in your household may become a little more peaceful. 

These games are flexible, so that you can change them to fit any behaviors you are currently trying to change, for example, doing chores, handing in schoolwork, doing homework, cleaning room, getting ready for school in the morning etc.Based on our experience, we have found the games work better when working on only one or two behavior issues at a time.

For information on setting up a Behavior Modification Program

This month, I have taken the time to make the ideas easier to find.  

Each page contains 5 motivational ideas;

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Page 2

Page 3

List of possible prizes