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When a high school student lacks the motivation to complete his schoolwork, we need to look not only at him but at the reasons behind the lack of motivation.

Self-esteem issues can plague individuals with ADHD. There are many causes but there is help.



This month, a short and to the point question about disciplining children

I need suggestions on alternative ways to discipline a child with ADD.  I do not and will not spank.  Please help

Last Month: A mother is looking for ways to help her teenage son deal with anger.


This section will provide resources and information specifically for teens that are dealing with ADD/ADHD.

Share Your Thoughts

Share Your Creativity


Email Group

We currently do not have a scheduled chat for teens. If you would be interested in a weekly or monthly chat just for teens, please let me know.



Share Your Thoughts

This month's question:

What do you do to help you remember to hand in your homework?

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Share Your Creativity

Individuals with ADD/ADHD are known for their creativity.  If you have artwork, poetry or other creative work you would like to share, please let us know.  If you are sending your work as an attachment, please email us first.  We do not normally open emails with attachments to help protect ourselves from viruses.  If you let us know first, we will be on the lookout for your attachment.

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Learning all you can about ADD can help you to understand yourself better, cope with the difficult situations in your life and create a bright future for yourself.

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Having a network of friends that understand you and your ADHD can be helpful.  You can exchange ideas, vent about teachers, and build a network of friends around the world.  We have message boards and an email group available.



Email Support Group

This group is for kids and teens with ADD/ADHD to help one another.  Share your ideas, vent, let other's know of your success.  Receive email from other kids with ADD/ADHD and find out how they handle situations.  This is a new group.  To join the group, send a blank email to teens@addhelpline.org

Once you have joined, you will receive an email letting you know how to send emails to the group.









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