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When a high school student lacks the motivation to complete his schoolwork, we need to look not only at him but at the reasons behind the lack of motivation.

Self-esteem issues can plague individuals with ADHD. There are many causes but there is help.



This month, a short and to the point question about disciplining children

I need suggestions on alternative ways to discipline a child with ADD.  I do not and will not spank.  Please help

Last Month: A mother is looking for ways to help her teenage son deal with anger.

Allied Products provides outstanding medical and health products, including biofeedback/neurofeedback, pain control and products both for families dealing with ADD/ADHD as well as products for use in therapy. 

Dr. Philip Brotman has a long history of working with patients with ADD/ADHD and is dedicated to working with them to improve their lives.  His philosophy is similar to that of ADDHelpline, and in an effort to provide information and education on ADD/ADHD, Dr. Brotman is teaming up with ADDHelpline to sponsor our site and our newsletter. 

Please take a few moments to look through the products that Allied Products offers.  There may be some that you feel would benefit you, or your family.   

Dr. Brotman offers:


EEG Neurotherapy both in his office and as a remote service for those not close to NYC.


EEG Neurotherapy equipment


Products to help children with ADD/ADHD both for home use and as a part of therapy.

To contact Dr. Brotman and inquire about any of his services:

Dr. Philip Brotman
Biofeedback Instrument Corporation
255 W. 98th Street
New York, N.Y. 10025
Tel. (212) 222-5665 (5667 Fax)
Email: brotmanp@bellatlantic.net



CAPTAIN'S LOG™ puts your computer to work helping children and adults with ADHD, brain injuries, psychiatric disorders or learning disabilities gain the cognitive skills necessary for successful living and learning. CAPTAIN'S LOG™ contains a wide range of cognitive exercises designed to help develop attention, concentration, memory, eye-hand coordination, basic numeric concepts and problem solving/reasoning skills, and to build self-esteem and self-control.  

More Information On This Product

Brain Builder 

If exercising your muscles can create stronger, more efficient muscles, can exercising your brain provide you with a better ability to process information?  The designers of Brain Builder have created a software that allows you to exercise your brain, that should result in better sequential processing.  By using this software for as little as 10 minutes per day, children and adults alike can begin to see improvement in areas of short term memory, attention and concentration, listening, reading and self expression.  In addition, it can reduce confusion and enhance social interactions.  

This software has been designed based on methods used by the National Academy for Child Development over the past 20 years. 

More information on this product 


The Listening Program 

The Listening Program, (TLP) is a music and sound stimulation method designed to re-train the auditory system. This innovative program may be used by children and adults to enhance listening skills and remediate sound-related perceptual distortions.

The Listening Program: The team that created The Listening Program has respectfully built upon the pioneering work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and other researchers who have developed modern auditory training applications.

Numerous vital elements make The Listening Program unique: Cross-Disciplinary Team development. TLP was developed by a team that brought together in-depth knowledge of human neurology, speech/language pathology, psychoacoustics, classical music, recording, and sound processing. 

More information on this product

Sound Smart 

Therapist and home use versions of this program are available. 

Individuals of all ages with cognitive deficits due to brain injury, auditory processing disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, or developmental disabilities will enjoy and benefit from our new, talking Cognitive Training Software to help improve...

Working Memory

Following Directions

Listening Skills

Self Control 

These brain-training exercises actually speak to the user in a realistic human voice, making him feel as though he is playing with a real person who encourages, praises and challenges him to do his best. SoundSmart automatically adapts its presentation to the age of the "player" --- novel feedback and entertaining encouragement for kids, colorful but not childish presentation for adults.

The computer displays a record of how much “prize money” the user is accumulating by doing a good job! If you wish, you can allow the user to trade in prize money for actual prizes to boost motivation.

Records on each user are automatically kept by the computer, which also keeps track of where the individual stopped in his training.

More information on this product

Sound Health Series 

The Sound Health Series™ is a line of specially designed baroque/classical music CDs. This series contains six application-specific titles: Concentration, Thinking, Learning, Productivity, Relax, and De-Stress. Featuring psychoacoustically-refined masterworks, The Sound Health Series™ creates a positive soundscape for home, school, or work environment. 

More information on these products 


Watch Minder 

WatchMinder is a reminder device to assist people with attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.), learning disorders, (L.D.) and chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, AIDS and hypertension. It can be programmed as a medication reminder for home health care patients or the elderly and can assist in weight loss, smoking cessation and behavior modification programs. 

More information on this product


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