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When a high school student lacks the motivation to complete his schoolwork, we need to look not only at him but at the reasons behind the lack of motivation.

Self-esteem issues can plague individuals with ADHD. There are many causes but there is help.



This month, a short and to the point question about disciplining children

I need suggestions on alternative ways to discipline a child with ADD.  I do not and will not spank.  Please help

Last Month: A mother is looking for ways to help her teenage son deal with anger.

Parenting Teens With ADHD

There is an abundance of information available for parenting children with ADHD.  There are school interventions, parenting strategies and much more.  But there is not as much available for parenting teens with ADHD.  

Teens present new challenges and new situations.  What once worked with your child may now seem childish to them.  Rewards and consequences are different and they may not be as responsive to rewards.  In addition, teens now have the added hormonal changes.  These may or may not effect their medication and how it works for them.  They may resent taking medication or may resent so much parental involvement in school and academic affairs.  

Their chronological age may indicate their growing desire for independence, but their maturity level may not match and parents may be reluctant to give freedoms that friends already have.  

The following resources and articles are provided to help guide you through the teen years.

Parenting Issues

Social Skills


Co-Morbid Conditions


Parenting Issues

Parenting Adolescents-Parenting teens can be a struggle. Parenting teens with ADHD can cause special challenges. eight principles to guide you through the teen years. 

Parent Training-Some research shows that teens can better succeed if parents receive training on behavioral issues before introducing the teen to therapy. 

Teens in the Morning-Is your teen hard to rise in the morning? Do they want to stay up late, yet can't get moving for school? You are not alone. Research shows that teen's internal clocks work differently.

Discipline for Teens-Parents often wonder what discipline should be as children grow into teens.  Rules change to limitations.  Teens begin to feel they have outgrown childhood rules and 

Positive Coping

Strategies for Teens with ADHD

Social Skills

Communication Skills-Communication required focus, attention to detail and more skills that individuals with ADD/ADHD may have problems with.  Help practice good communication skills.

Planning Social Activities-Teens with ADHD can have problems keeping the details of a social activity straight and may miss opportunities to go out with friends. Help them learn how to properly plan and enjoy their teen years. 

ADHD and Driving-Teens with ADHD tend to get more speeding tickets and be in more accidents.  Teach your teen how to drive with safe habits from the beginning. 

Shoplifting-Although we do not want to think about the prospect of our teens being involved in a crime, we need to know what to do should it happen. 




12 Things Teens Want Their Teachers to Know-Share this list with your teen's teacher. 

Suggestions for IEPs-Questions to ask yourself and suggestions for solving common difficult areas to help you get started setting up an IEP or Section 504 for your child. 

Tips for Teaching Teens-Six tips for helping teens with ADHD learn and succeed in school. 

Co-Morbid Conditions

Depression-Children with ADHD are at higher risk for exhibiting signs of depression. The teen years can be very difficult for the child.  Find out the symptoms of depression and where to find help. 

Bipolar-Both Bipolar Disorder and ADHD can have similar symptoms. Diagnosis can be difficult. Understand the key symptoms for both. 

Drug Warning Signs-Teens with ADHD can be at higher risk for using illegal drugs. Knowing the warning signs can help you to intervene early and avoid problems later.If you suspect your teen needs help quitting drugs,outpatient programs are an option worth considering.There are also drug rehab centers around the country ready to help.o




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