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Regular Features

Dr. Steven Richfield provides articles on many different aspects of raising a child with ADHD.                                   

Each month we our advocate will be answering questions from our visitors about yours and your children's rights in the educational system.    

A mother is trying to help her teenage son learn anger management.   

Five great ideas for motivation, including The Shoe Race, Trading Places and more.  

Organize your child at home, and maybe find some tips that will help you as well.  

Headlines about ADHD, Learning Disability and Mental Disorders

Study on ADD and TV
The recent study published on watching television between the ages of one and three and the possible link to ADD/ADHD did not take many considerations into account. The author of the study even admits that he cannot conclude that television watching and ADD/ADHD are linked.

Read the Article

General Information Articles and Resources

Basic Information

ADD Without Hyperactivity

What Causes ADD/ADHD

Diagnostic Procedures

ADHD In The News

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Basic Information

Email Q & A - Answers to many questions received through the email. Check here to see if someone else may have asked a question that could help you. 

ADHD In The News-Find out the latest headlines relating to ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities.

What Is ADD/ADHD?-Excerpt from CHADD Fact Sheet. Includes diagnostic criteria, overview of treatment and more.

So You Think Your Child Has ADD/ADHD? What do you do now and what should you expect to happen?

DSM Criteria - The criteria from the DSM IV in diagnosing ADD/ADHD.

35 Good Things-Submitted by a parent of a child with Special Needs, a look at the positive characteristics of ADHD.

ADD 101-From, information for those that are new to ADD.

Glossary of ADD- Terms and definitions that you may come across in literature and information on ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions-10 of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Myths vs. Facts-From National Attention Deficit Disorder Association, a review of common myths about ADD.

Overview of ADHD-An electronic book on many aspects of ADD/ADHD by Pediatric Neurology Group 

ADD Is A Language Of Its Own-Communication techniques can help to bridge the gap between those with ADD and those without.

Maintaining Accurate Health Records-Your health, or that of your child, could depend on the accuracy of the health information you have.  Be prepared for all situations.


ADD (Without Hyperactivity)

The Difference Between ADD and ADHD-From, some of the major differences are explained.

Explaining ADD-Parents share their experiences of understanding and explaining ADD without hyperactivity. 

ADD In Girls-A questionnaire to help determine if you should seek further medical treatment for your child.


What Causes ADD/ADHD

What Causes ADD/ADHD-Where does ADD come from, a discussion of possible and probable causes.

Family History-Some indicators of possible psychiatric disorders within families.

Brain Scan Images-Dr. Amen has shown brain images of ADD patients, both on and off medication.


Diagnostic Procedures

Help, I Need A Diagnosis!-Parents discuss where to go when you feel your child may need to be tested for ADD/ADHD.

So You Think Your Child Has ADHD-What to expect and what to do after you decide to have your child tested for ADD/ADHD.

Online Tests-From, links to many online tests and questionnaires to determine if further medical attention and testing is needed.