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From School To Work: Some individuals with ADD have difficulty with the transition from school to the working world. 

ADHD And Communication-Obstacles to communication and some solutions or suggestions for overcoming. 


I have a teenager (age 17) with ADHD.  He has recently begun smoking marijuana, he is sneaking and lying.  I have looked into getting him treatment but the insurance companies will only pay for counseling when he is "only" smoking marijuana.  I am not sure where to turn. He is taking medication for depression as well as Concerta for ADHD.  Any ideas? 



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Hi there, just wanted to know if you could help me, I have a son named William he was 5 last week, I've always noticed something amiss with my son. He never slept from the day he was born and always did things alot quicker than usual i.e. Walked at 9 month's, Talked at 13 month's. He was expelled from every private nursery school in York where we live, he got expelled from his normal nursery school at the age of 3and half. He now attends a special needs school which has 3\ 4 teachers and only 7 other children. He is getting worse. Only last week this is what i went through; Wednesday, he attempted to set fire to his bedroom and did burn alot of the thing's in the room, Thursday, he stabbed me with a knife, Friday he smashed the windshield in the car, Saturday he stabbed 2 members of the public with a sharp item, Sunday he punched a lady walking in the street in her tummy and she was 8months pregnant.      I have requested care with Social Services as I CANNOT control my son and my fear is him getting worse, I have been several times to the Hospital to see if William has a disorder but I'm told he won't be able to looked at or treated till the age of 6. I'm at my wits end and don't know if I'm making the correct decision'. I am a single parent with no support, my mum is Spanish and lives in Spain.  Please Help....

Thankyou so much

To mother of William, Your son is in serious need of help without question. I hope someone more able than myself has contacted you. I am a 45 year old mother of five children. I am also a university student studying elementary education with special education certification. I don't have a lot to offer and am hoping for your sake you are able to connect with someone who can. But, here is my advice: seek help! Your child most definitely should be seeing a pediatric psychiatrist. You need someone to guide you in "training" your child. You probably need friends and loved ones to help you care for him and help you financially (all single moms do!). Here is the name of a pediatric psychiatrist: Dr. Paul Warren, M.D. 

He serves as medical director of the Child and Adolescent Division at the Minirth Meier New Life Clinics in Richardson, Texas. He also has a private practice. Here is an 800 number to get you started. 1-800-NEW-LIFE. Your son may or may not have ADHD (probably does), but he has a conduct disorder as well. The fact that it has been since infancy is strong evidence of brain chemistry or dysfunction. 

Please continue to seek help for him on a daily basis. Michelle 


I read your message and know exactly where you are in your situation. I live these kinds of things every day.


I have educating myself for 'Positive Behaviour'. It does work. Find something that he likes very much and use this as the Positive reward. When he has done something that he should not have (this can be difficult out of doors because i found that it has to be an instant effect ie: there and then.

Or if you must as I have done in the past, have a chart with times and put ticks by each period have it as short as you can at first then get longer.

Show him that you have put a tick by this section for the simpliest of good reward (ie: sitting nicely on his chair even if this is only for 1 minute) be quick with the Good reward, then you can build up slowly.

It will be hard for a while but please believe me it does get better. We do have our bad days but mostly we can have good.

I hope this all makes sense please email me if not i can help somehow. This business of him only being six is rubbish my son has been on the social services register since he was 3 years old.

Good Luck


Contact your local school system.  Ask to be guided to the special education department and see what they recommend.  Unfortunately a lot of medical doctors think that children will grow out of behaviors.  That is not always the case.  I have a small story of my own but that's not important, what is you getting support for your child's behaviors.


When I first noticed that jJck was ill, my son, I too was told there was a waiting list and that he wouldn't be seen for a few months.  I saved and had the first appointment privately and managed to get in within 2 weeks.  Then the psychiatrist saw Jack on the national health.



I have a son with ADHD and ODD. He is soon to be eight years old. I have tried alot of medications, alot with no help. The first medication I tried was ritalin, Which worked for about two years. After, we started to noticed he was getting depressed. The depression turned to anger. Next was Adderall, which had the same effect. Same with concerta. He now is on Wellbutrin. The only thing I can tell you is trial and error.Do alot of research. Read as many books as you can.The reward system works very well.Research into herbal remedies like St Johnswort and KavaKava. Talk to your doctor or an herbalist about remedies that will work.There are alot of people that I know that aren't having any luck with medications. But then there are some I know where it has worked for them.


Dear Suzi-

My heart goes out to you, I know how isolated, alone and helpless you feel!! One thing I must tell you is IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT AND YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT!! I have 3 boys with ADHD and 2 of them perhaps Autism, but not yet diagnosed. My youngest son Kevin (now 8) has been kicked out of 7 day cares since the age of 4!! I have been studying about Autism which a Director of Boys and Girls Club asked if I had ever gotten Kevin tested for Autism because of his behavior characteristics. What I have read is that signs of Autism can start at the age of 6. There has got to be a Phsyciatrist who can evaluate that!! Not the doctors, it needs to be a Phsyciatrist! 

I am also a part of a family support group for parents with special needs children and helps me tremendously with my insanity and feeling that I am not a bad parent that I am doing everything and even more for my boys!! I would be more that happy to help you find a support group or any information that may help you.

God Bless You




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