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Did You Know?...

Some people have a more difficult time achieving in school than others.

These "late bloomers"--despite rough beginnings--persevered and later became people who achieved greatness.

Inspire your children, let them know about these famous people!!!!!

Walt Disney...He was fired from his first job because he didn't have any good ideas. You have probably seen a Disney movie and have heard about Disney World.

Beethoven...His own father called him hopeless, but he went on to become a world famous composer.

Winston Churchill...He failed the sixth grade. Later , he became the Prime Minister of England.

Thomas Edison...Edison's teacher told him he was unable to learn. Edison invented the light bulb.

Albert Einstein...Einstein could not speak until the age of 4; he couldn't read until the age of 7. He later discovered the theory of relativity.

F.W. Woolworth...Woolworth's employers refused to allow him to help customers, because he "didn't have enough sense." Woolworth went on to own and operate a large chain of department stores.

Henry Ford...As a youth he was evaluated as showing "no promise". Ford invented the Model T car.

Louis Pasteur...He was given a rating of "mediocre" in chemistry at Royal College. Pasteur later became a famous bacteriologist and chemist who made many contributions to the world of medicine.

Louisa May Alcott...She was told by an editor that her writing would never appeal to the public. She later wrote the book "Little Women".

Issac Newton...Issac's work in elementary school was rather poor. Issac went on to discover the law of gravity.

Admiral Byrd...He was deemed "unfit for military service." Byrd flew over the north and south poles.