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The Parent Couch
Dr. Steven Richfield provides articles on many different aspects of raising a child with ADHD.                                   

Ask The Advocate
Each month we our advocate will be answering questions from our visitors about yours and your children's rights in the educational system.    

Parents Talk
A mother is trying to help her teenage son learn anger management.   

Motivation Tips
Five great ideas for motivation, including The Shoe Race, Trading Places and more.  

Organization Tips
Organize your child at home, and maybe find some tips that will help you as well.  

ADHD in the News
Headlines about ADHD, Learning Disability and Mental Disorders

Treatment Options

Stimulant Medications

Behavior Modification

Alternative Treatments

Research has shown that the most effective treatment for management of ADHD is a combination of stimulant medication and behavior modification techniques.  Treatment choices, however, are a very individual decision and must be made with your beliefs, lifestyle and family values in mind.  The most effective treatment is always the treatment that you can be most consistent with throughout your life.  ADDHelpline strives to remain neutral in the controversary surrounding medication and ADHD. We have tried to provide information on many different approaches and treatments in the hopes that with education, you can determine the approach and treatment that is best for you. 


Please note that choosing to offer these articles, resources or links does not represent an endorsement of any type of treatment or product.  This decision must be made by you and your physician.  We urge you to seek medical treatment prior to beginning any treatment plan, even diet or supplements. 


Stimulant Medications

Overview of Stimulant Medication - What are stimulant medications, why are they used to treat ADHD and how do they work?

To Medicate Or Not? - Parent To Parent Column-A mother asks for information to help in deciding whether to try medication. Read her question and the many replies that were received.

Medication Fact Sheets - Basic information on some of the commonly prescribed medications for ADHD. Includes information on the new medication: Strattera. 

In Defense of Medication - One mother shares her story and explains how medication helped her child.

Are We Overdrugging Our Children? - A look at the other side of the debate. Are stimulant medications and pain killers such as tramadol too easily obtainable and over-prescribed?

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is a broad term that applies to any strategy that is implemented with the goal of changing a behavior. Many behavior modification techniques are based on reward/consequence. The below are a sampling of behavior modification for ADHD. For other techniques, you might look under a specific category of articles for information and ideas on changing a specific behavior.

Motivation - Motivating children to complete their homework or chores can be an exasperating experience.  If you make the environment one of fun and "games" your child might be more open to change. New tip added each month.

Organization Tips - Creating an ADD Friendly environment helps in keeping each person in the household more organized.  Many tips for helping to organize your house and your child's schoolwork to be more productive.  New tip added each month.

Behavior Issues - Parents share ideas of how behavior issues are dealt with in their house.

Parents As Coach - Coaching your children toward correct behaviors is explained in this article from a child psychologist.

101 Tips For Classroom Management - A great list of tips from CHADD of NYC.  

Stress Management - Taking the time to relieve your stress and relax can help you to more effectively cope with life's daily struggles.


Alternative Treatments

In The News - Find out headlines for herbal supplements and natural treatments.

The What, When and How of Alternative Treatments - General overview of what is currently available.

FAQ on EEG Neurotherapy - Answers to commonly asked questions on Neurotherapy and how it can help individuals with ADD/ADHD. 

EEG Neurotherapy - Detailed article on EEG Neurotherapy, what is it and how it can help children with ADHD.

The Feingold Diet - An overview of the Feingold Diet and how diet plays a role in ADHD.

Herbal Story - One family's story of their success with herbal remedies.

Internet Guide - Links to sites around the internet for additional information on herbal remedies.

Why Can't My Child Behave - Book review for book by Jane Hersey on nutrition and diet to help control behavioral issues in children.

ADHD Diets - What role does diet play in helping to treat ADHD?  Some say that changing the way your child eats can help to improve behavior.  


Study on ADD and TV

The recent study published on watching television between the ages of one and three and the possible link to ADD/ADHD did not take many considerations into account. The author of the study even admits that he cannot conclude that television watching and ADD/ADHD are linked.

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