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The Parent Couch
Dr. Steven Richfield provides articles on many different aspects of raising a child with ADHD.                                   

Ask The Advocate
Each month we our advocate will be answering questions from our visitors about yours and your children's rights in the educational system.    

Parents Talk
A mother is trying to help her teenage son learn anger management.   

Motivation Tips
Five great ideas for motivation, including The Shoe Race, Trading Places and more.  

Organization Tips
Organize your child at home, and maybe find some tips that will help you as well.  

ADHD in the News
Headlines about ADHD, Learning Disability and Mental Disorders

Parenting Children With ADD/ADHD


Behavior Issues

Family Issues

For The Parent



ADHD What Now - You think that your child might have ADD/ADHD. What should you expect and what should you do from here.

The Parent As Coach - Changing your style of parenting might help in easing some family tensions.

Parenting ADHD Children - General suggestions for parenting a child with ADD from an ADD Coach.

Complicated Launchings - Leading a teenager with ADD to independence and self-sufficiency can be complicated, but successful. 

Difficult Daughter - From Parent to Parent, one mother asks for suggestions on better dealing with her daughter in morning routines,

making friends and better focus in class. Read the many responses we received from other parents on their experiences. 

Behavior Issues

ADHD and Illegal Drugs - Parent to parent column offering advice on what to do if your teen starts to use illegal drugs. 

ADHD in 3 Year Old - From Parent to Parent column. One mother is having problems with an out of control 3 year old. Many readers offer suggestions, ideas and support. 

Using Good Judgment - Teaching children to use good decisions, when they are alone or with friends.

Taming Behaviors - Parent share their experiences with what works for taming intense behaviors

Homework Help - Parents share ideas on making homework time easier.

Motivational Ideas - Games to make discipline fun.

Organizational Tips - Creating an ADD Friendly house is not difficult and can make life easier for everyone.

Organize Your Child - Helping your child keep track of their belongings can do much to keep the household and schoolwork running smoothly

Sleeping Tips - ADHD children can have a difficult time falling asleep. Tips to help them get a good night's rest.


Family Issues

Organization for Parents - In a Parent to Parent column, members offer advice for an ADD mother trying to organize her life and her three ADD children's lives. 

Dealing With Bullies - How to help your child cope with the bullies.

Is Homelife Causing Bullying - Parent Coach Columnist talks about how parents can prevent bullying in today's society.

Sibling Rivalry - Parents talk about ways to decrease sibling rivalry in your house.



High Maintenance Kids - Opinion on why the name "ADD" just doesn't work.

Would You Eradicate ADHD? -  Parents answer the question of whether they would "cure" ADHD if they had the choice.

A Lesson Learned - Living with a child with ADHD can help you to grow and learn acceptance.

In Praise Of Black Sheep - Create a household with acceptance and appreciation for your child's unique abilities.


Study on ADD and TV

The recent study published on watching television between the ages of one and three and the possible link to ADD/ADHD did not take many considerations into account. The author of the study even admits that he cannot conclude that television watching and ADD/ADHD are linked.

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