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When a high school student lacks the motivation to complete his schoolwork, we need to look not only at him but at the reasons behind the lack of motivation.

Self-esteem issues can plague individuals with ADHD. There are many causes but there is help.



This month, a short and to the point question about disciplining children

I need suggestions on alternative ways to discipline a child with ADD.  I do not and will not spank.  Please help

Last Month: A mother is looking for ways to help her teenage son deal with anger.


Special Section: Mini EBook for Day Care Providers and Preschool Teachers on ADHD in Preschool

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Ideas For Motivational Games


The following are some suggestions for creative ideas for working with children in providing rewards and incentives for proper behavior.  These work best if one specific behavior is worked on at a time.  Children, especially those with ADD/ADHD can become easily overwhelmed.  Choose one specific behavior you would like improved and work on that alone.  Once you have accomplished a positive change, move on to another behavior.


The Itsy Bitsy Spider


Using construction paper, make a water spout with 11 marks on it. Use Velcro strips across the marks.  Cut out a spider for each child and place a piece of Velcro on the back of each spider.   All spiders start in the middle of the waterspout and for each success, the spider moves up the spout.  For each time the child does not act appropriately, the spider moves down.  You can get as creative as you want, making rain and sun to appear around the waterspout.


Once a spider reaches the top of the spout, they get a reward. (See reward ideas below)





Each child receives a plastic cup.  Use chips, pebbles, marbles, etc.  Each time you catch a child doing something right, they get a chip in their cup.  If they are not acting appropriately, you take one away.


At the end of the week, the children get to cash in their chips to buy something.  (See reward ideas below)





Make a chart of responsibilities for each child.  For example, each child should hang up their coat, put their toys away, get their lunch etc.  Make sure to use pictures for non-readers on the chart to develop independence.  Use cut up construction paper that they can glue next to each picture as they complete it.  As the chart fills up, they can see their progress (immediate feedback) and if they are not filling up their chart, they may be motivated to keep up with the other children. (Immediate consequence)


Give rewards as charts are completed.



Ideas of rewards


Rewards do not have to cost money or be toys.  Rewards can include extra time playing a special game, getting to choose an activity, a special privilege or something else that the children want to do.  A large sticker on the chart for that day may be incentive enough.  (Although for a child that is consistently not completing their chart, frustration and lack of motivation will set and the game will not work.)


Inexpensive party favors, pencils and stickers work well too.   


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